Anthony Garone

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I'm a software and tech leader, culture builder, and problem solver at...

Allstate Identity Protection

As Director of Emerging Product Delivery since 2018 | InfoArmor on Facebook InfoArmor on Twitter InfoArmor on LinkedIn

  • NOTE: Before we were acquired by Allstate, we were known as InfoArmor.
  • Providing solutions architecture and sales engineering for Allstate Identity Protection's Commercial Channels and Partnerships [CCP] group.
  • Launching the new Innovation/R&D development team and initiatives.
  • Delivering new privacy-related features to the market (evolving the Digital Footprint).
  • Led the technical implementation and integration of Allstate's Digital Footprint into Allstate Identity Protection [AIP] and PrivacyArmor.
  • Led the ReactJS overhaul of the consumer web portal and mobile apps for AIP.
  • Established continuous integration and delivery (CI/CD), stabilized products, and led containerization efforts.
  • Helped scale the company in 2019 by hiring 150+ people in a year.
  • Positioned InfoArmor for acquisition by Allstate in 2018.

I also run a content agency...

Edify Content

As a co-founder since 2020 | Edify Content on Facebook Edify Content on Twitter Edify Content on LinkedIn

  • We write marketing content and website copy.
  • We develop content strategy for companies and personal brands.
  • We create online courses to help people improve their lives.
  • You should hire us to help you grow your brand.

By night, I shine a light on the world's greatest music at...

Make Weird Music

As the Chief Dude Guy since 2014 | Make Weird Music on Facebook Make Weird Music on YouTube MakeWeirdMusic on Github Make Weird Music on Instagram Make Weird Music on LinkedIn

  • YouTube analytics as of November 2020: 835K total views, ~18K views/month, 10K subscribers, 5.1M+ minutes watched.
  • Filming and editing interviews and music performances.
  • Writing and illustrating content about music as a form of art.
  • Interviewing artists all over the world.
  • Hosting and promoting concerts in my home and at local venues.
  • Composing original music and commentary.
  • Watch the MWM trailer video for more information.
  • I've produced over 170 lengthy videos for the channel. Check it out on YouTube!

I've written two published books...

Failure to Fracture: Learning King Crimson's Impossible Song

Published by Stairway Press in late 2020

  • Tells the 22-year story of my personal and musical transformation through learning Fracture, a song deemed "impossible to play" by its composer, Robert Fripp.
  • Collaborative storytelling from people across the world and various careers/backgrounds.
  • Authoritative transcriptions of several perpetual motion ("moto perpetuo") pieces.
  • Intense analysis of Robert Fripp's guitar technique.
  • Based on a popular video series I produced for Make Weird Music.

Clueless at The Work: Advice from a Corporate Tyrant

Published by Stairway Press in October 2019

Order here: | Clueless at The Work on Facebook

  • Provides a framework and hierarchy for success based on actual experience.
  • Builds on more than 40 scientifically-based books.
  • Walks through The Work, The Journey, and the challenges along the way.
  • A written extension of the Kensho Education programs (see below).
  • Listen to the podcast and learn more at the Clueless at The Work website.

I advise at...

Music Traveler

As a technology advisor, 2019 | Music Traveler on Facebook Music Traveler on Twitter Music Traveler on Instagram

  • High-level technical consultation on approach and platform growth.
  • Content marketing ideas with Make Weird Music.

Arizona State University

As Chairman of the Industry Advisory Board, Graphic Information Technology 2015-Present | ASU GIT on Facebook ASU GIT on Twitter ASU GIT on LinkedIn ASU GIT on Instagram

  • Assist with curriculum refinement.
  • Work with program faculty as needed in various ways.
  • Review student work and résumés/CVs.
  • Offer training programs to ASU students.


As a Technology Advisor May 2018-July 2019 | GoCoach on Facebook GoCoach on Twitter GoCoach on LinkedIn GoCoach on Instagram

  • Built and led technology, marketplace platforms, and strategy.
  • Assisted with sales and investment pitches.
  • Developed and distributed content and marketing materials.

I'm a Co-founder of...


Writer and strategist from 2018-2019 | Jargone on Twitter InfoArmor on LinkedIn

  • Rewriting job descriptions and removing corporate buzzwords, jargon, and overall boringness.
  • Trying to make the world a little bit better.
  • Reducing the amount of copying and pasting that happens in the recruiting world.

Kensho Education

Researcher, facilitator, and trainer from 2015-2018 | Kensho Education on Facebook Kensho Education on LinkedIn

  • Wrote and delivered mindfulness-based professional development content.
  • Consulted for companies on their internal training efforts.
  • Guided meditation and arranging chairs.
  • One-on-one consultation, group coaching, sales and marketing.
  • More info: Kensho Pause curriculum outline.

I previously worked at...


As a Technology Director from 2013-2018 | meltmedia on Facebook meltmedia on Twitter meltmedia on LinkedIn meltmedia on Instagram

  • Serving on the leadership team helping with culture, business intelligence/operations.
  • Managing melt's software development, QA engineering, and IT teams.
  • Marketing and selling our capabilities via writing, networking, client pitches, etc.
  • Coaching, mentoring, hiring, singing, high-fiving, innovating, and hosting meetups.


As a Technology Manager from 2006-2013 | Pearson on Facebook Pearson on Twitter Pearson on LinkedIn

  • Starting and leading an integration engineering team in the operations department for the Learning Technologies Group.
  • Automating global smoke tests for all production environments and building a custom Angular application for live monitoring in a NOC.
  • Keeping ~40 applications online, functioning, and performing under peak load for millions of users.
  • Managing teams all over the world (Sri Lanka and all over the US) for follow-the-sun support.
  • Transitioning many applications out of data centers and into the cloud.
  • Implementing CDN (Akamai) and APM (AppDynamics) for dozens of large-scale applications and international userbases.