Technology Director | meltmedia on Facebook meltmedia on Twitter meltmedia on LinkedIn meltmedia on Instagram

  • Serve on the leadership team helping with culture, business intelligence/operations.
  • Manage melt's software development, QA engineering, and IT teams.
  • Market and sell our capabilities via writing, networking, client pitches, etc.
  • Coaching, mentoring, hiring, singing, high-fiving, innovating, and hosting meetups.

Kensho Education

Co-Founder | Kensho Education on Facebook Kensho Education on LinkedIn

  • Write and deliver mindfulness-based professional development content.
  • Guide meditation and arrange chairs.
  • One-on-one consultation, group coaching, sales and marketing.
  • Read the Kensho Pause curriculum outline for more information.

Make Weird Music

Chief Dude Guy | Make Weird Music on Facebook Make Weird Music on YouTube MakeWeirdMusic on Github Make Weird Music on Instagram Make Weird Music on LinkedIn

  • Write and illustrate content about music as a form of art.
  • Interview artists all over the world.
  • Film, edit, transcribe interviews and music performances.
  • Host and promote concerts in my home and at local venues.
  • Watch the MWM trailer video for more information.